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Episode 33

14: Brook Potter | Dealing with Masculinity, Race and Faith across countries

Kirk Meighoo published on

The assault on traditional notions and roles of gender has left and continues to leave a lot of damage in its wake. It is tied to political, social and economic changes, although these links are not often made.

As young men and women try to establish themselves in this confusing time, they face considerable challenges, socially, economically, psychologically, personally, and otherwise.

Brook Potter is Co-Host of the Shitlord Preachers Podcast on Podbean and Itunes, a libertarian discussion between former preachers, about political and social events happening in the United States and the United Kingdom.

We had a very informative discussion on this an other topics. These include:

- the importance of Robert Kiyosaki in seeking freedom from economic exploitation
- being a white minority in the Caribbean
- MGTOW, NEETs, incels, red-pilling and the problems facing young men 
- sexual liberation's and feminism's problems for both young men and young women, marriage, divorce , relationships
- race/ethnicity and location around the world in relation to men, women, masculinity, femininity, and dating
- defining masculinity
- turning to Evangelical Christianity and then away from it
- embracing Eastern Orthodox Christianity, and its lack of cultural imperialism
- the importance of metaphysics, Plato, Aristotle, Jordan Peterson, and Richard Dawkins
- explaining hedge fund management, the stock market and options: winners and losers

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