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Episode 3

2: Basdeo Panday | An Epic Trinidadian Adventure from Radical Outsider to Prime Minister, Part 2

Kirk Meighoo published on

The Audacity of Basdeo Panday, Part 2: CLR James, Eric Williams, Facing My Fear, and the Decision that Changed my Life 

A continuation of a lively discussion with The Honourable Mr. Basdeo Panday, former Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago. 

To a global audience Mr. Panday may not be very widely known, but my strong view is that he and his story should be.  

Basdeo Panday's life spans the 20th and 21st century and is intertwined with the important global issues of his day: colonialism, decolonisation, socialism vs. capitalism and the Cold War, the rise and fall of trade unionism, race relations, poverty and development, Black Power, African-Indian relations, the nature of political power. 

He took strong stands on these major issues for his whole life. 

His personal story is important for the world. 

He really shook things up over the span of his life, and those are the people I want to interview on this podcast 


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