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Episode 48

23: Hussein Askary | Peace Through Radical Development in the so-called "Middle East"

Kirk Meighoo published on

The drums of war are beating yet again in Southwest Asia, the so-called "Middle East".

The rest of the world sees the "Middle East" as an unsolvable mess. It certainly seems so, with seemingly conflicts, internal and external.

However, in what appears to be an eternally chaotic area, it is often forgotten that for roughly four centuries Southwest Asia was relatively stable, including the Holy Land, under the rule of the Ottoman Empire.

Since the breakup of the Empire, the region has been in constant turmoil, with many large areas of severe underdevelopment, albeit with oases of extreme wealth.

Conflagration -- often from the outside -- threatens not only the region, but the entire world with nuclear war and total annihilation.

One does not often hear hopeful projections about the region, but Hussein Askary, the Southwest Asia Coordinator of the Schiller Institute, is an exception.

As a member of the LaRouche Movement, they have pushed for the concept of The New Silk Road and the World Land Bridge to take the World Economy to an entirely different stage and model, bringing hope, peace and development to all parts of the world, including the Middle East.

I am pleased to welcome Hussein Askary to the podcast.

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