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Episode 50

25: The Saker | The "Russia Question" and the "New Cold War"

Kirk Meighoo published on

This week, we will be discussing Russia-phobia. The New Cold War. It is incredible to witness. I remember when everyone laughed at Mitt Romney -- rightly so -- for saying Russia was the biggest threat to the US in his 2012 debates with Barack Obama. Obama quipped, "The 1980s called, and they want their foreign policy back." The Democrats ridiculed the Republican candidate for thinking Russia was a foe. Obama and Medvedyev even exchanged friendly secrets accidentally caught on a hot mic.

But now, Putin is one the most hated and demonised person in the world. Sure, we can all point to the US Democrats' desperation trying to explain Hilary's loss to Trump in 2016. But for this conspiracy theory to have taken such a deep and wide hold in American -- and more broadly Western -- society demonstrates that there is something much deeper they are tapping into.

What does this mean for international relations now? Global peace? Global war?

Is Russia an aggressive world power, seeking to undermine democracies, as the cartoonish Western press seems to indicate? What is the basis of the hostility?

To explore this question I am honoured to have Andrei Raevsky who blogs as "The Saker" as my guest.

I could not have a more qualified and insightful person to speak to on this issue. The Saker is a military analyst with a very important website, The Vineyard of the Saker. He is one of the most important and respected analysts in the alternative media and his articles are featured on a wide number of sites. 
His website reportedly got 50,000 page views per day from August - September 2014.

I am very fortunate to have him on this show to help us understand the so-called "Russia Question".

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