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Episode 61

34: Charrandass Persaud | What to do when the Government breaks the law to hold on to power?

Kirk Meighoo published on

What do you do when the Government breaks the law to hold on to power?

This is a question that is facing Guyanese. In December there was a historic vote of no-confidence that, according to the Constitution, was supposed to trigger an election in 90 days.

The Government, however, is still in power, despite several court rulings.

There is a real danger that the vote of no confidence may have no effect whatsoever, and that elections will be called when they were orignally due.

Guyana has a history of vote rigging, murder of opponents, using cult groups, establishing party paramountcy.

In history books, you read about such situations leading to revolution.

When you live through it, however, it is not so clear cut?

You have to ask questions like: can you win? do people have the willpower to stand up and fight for justice? will the international commnity be on your side? is it worth the inevitable chaos, disruption and possible loss of life that will occur? are there still legal and moral means to use?

With us today is our friend Charrandass Persaud, the former Government MP who triggered this whole series of events. He joined us some months ago and if you haven't seen that interview, please check it out.

Today we speak with Mr. Persaud since the courts have finally and definitively vindicated him and his position, yet the Government remains in power.

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