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Episode 62

35: Prof. Kapil Kumar | Correcting Western Disinformation on Jammu & Kashmir and Article 370

Kirk Meighoo published on

What is happening in Jammu & Kashmir? 

There is serious misinformation and disinformation about the situation, seemingly anticipating and justifying future acts of violence.

Is this the rise of agressive Hindu nationalism? Is this what everybody was warning about?

Is the repeal of Article 370 -- and Jamuu & Kashmir's special, separate status -- increasing the risk of war?

If so, why should that be?

Are the facts about the Jammu & Kashmir understood properly? Who is the invader and who is the invaded?

Why are the BBC, CNN, New York Times, et al spreading a false history equating Pakistani and Indian "occupation" of Kashmir? 

Why do they legitimise Islamic, religiously-based occupation, insurgence, aggression and invasion of India ?

This story has not ended by any means, but as it unfolds, it is important to clarify facts, historical events, and undertand all sides.

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