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Episode 65

38: Kirralie Smith | Resisting the De-Gender Agenda

Kirk Meighoo published on

The gender agenda has reached extremes that would have been unforeseen just a few years ago in the West. 

Gay marriage, transgender bathrooms, new non-binary pronouns, general anti-male hostility, and many other ideas that were on the radical fringe are now accepted policy in many places.

What makes this more frightening is the fact that people do not seem to be allowed the freedom to question or to disagree with these policies and the agenda in general.

Most people in the West -- even if they don't agree -- appear to have been cowed by the bullying of activists, in addition to the leading corporations, media houses and political parties, who may destroy your reputation and career for merely having a different opinion. Worse, if you try to actually advocate for your opposing point of view.

Far from being a "rebel" or anti-systemic movement, the so-called LGBTQIA+ movement is supported by the most powerful, largest and wealthiest corporations in the world.

Curious indeed.

Thankfully in the West, there are people who stand up for their freedom of conscience, for their freedom to dissent, and their freedom to organise.

In Australia, one of those organisations in Binary, an organisation which exists to challenge the aggressive agenda to de-gender our society in the areas of education, health, military, business, politics and the law.

I am pleased to have the Spokeswoman of Binary, Mrs. Kirralie Smith, on the podcast today.

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