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Episode 67

40: Jason Ross | China, "Environmentalism" and Global Development

Kirk Meighoo published on

The world appears on edge right now: the US-China trade war, exacerbated by American support for the Antifa-like Hong Kong protests, Pakistan threatening nuclear retaliation for Indian policy in Jammu & Kashmir, the US's looming threats to Venezuela and Iran, the absolutely insane anti-Russian propaganda in the US media, and fears of another economic recession are just some features of the problem.

Yet at the same time, there are positive developments showing a different possible future: tremendous development in Asia and Africa -- where the bulk of humanity lives -- including space exploration, and the progress of the world-historic Belt and Road initiative, which can totally change the very foundation of the world economy, but which also has been attacked relentlessly in the Western press and by neoconservative and other Western supremacist think-tanks.

Leading the efforts for Universal Development and Global Peace for over 40 years has been the LaRouche Movement, which has been originator of the Belt and Road idea -- in the form of the New Silk Road and later the World Land Bridge.

I am pleased to be joined today by Jason Ross, a leading science and economic researcher working with the LaRouche PAC and the Schiller Institute. Co-author (with Hussein Askary) of "Extending the New Silk Road to West Asia and Africa to discuss these crucial issues. (

Topics discussed include:

- students on campus not buying the anti-Chinese and green anti-development propaganda
- putting some nuance in the climate and environmental debate
- the implication of different views of mankind: are humans special?
- are humans machines, animals, or something different?
- Jack Ma vs. Elon Musk on AI
- the link between the environmental movement and neo-colonialist underdevelopment
- why carbon neutrality will cause great loss of life in developing countries
- how energy use is crucial for social and human development
- the ludicrous idea that criticism of certain scientific ideas means you "hate science"
- how human intervention in the natural environment enhances lifeĀ 
- the Belt and Road InitiativeĀ 
- predatory lending by Western banks to developing countries
- countering anti-China propaganda
- how environmental concerns have been used by the World Bank to stop development in poor countries
- the absurd permission in the West to demonise and insult Chinese and RussiansĀ 
- the NY businessman vs. the Washington politician view of China
- Will Trump create friendly relations with China and Russia as he promised?
- the tremendous development in Africa and West Asia (The Middle East) due to partnership with China
- the possibility for a new international economic system driven by and alliance of the US, China, India and Russia
- the LaRouche Movement's long history of fighting for these changes

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