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Episode 68

41: Brian Brown | Defending The Natural Family and Confounding "Right" and "Left"

Kirk Meighoo published on

The radical LGBTQIA+ movement agenda has reached extremes in Western societies and its satellites that would have been unforeseen just a few years ago. Positions that were once held by people like Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton now are seen as "hate speech", in a frightening display of oppressive and hostile power, which was once ascribed to the anti-communist and Christian right-wing.

Gay marriage, transgender bathrooms, new non-binary pronouns, general anti-male hostility, and many other ideas that were on the radical fringe are now accepted policy in many places.

What makes this more terrible is the fact that there appears to be little or no freedom to question or to disagree with these policies, and the agenda in general. 

Indeed, most people in the West -- even if they don't agree -- appear to have been cowed by the bullying of activists, in addition to the leading corporations, media houses and political parties, who may destroy your reputation and career for merely having a different opinion. Worse, if you try to actually advocate for your opposing point of view.

Far from being a "rebel" or anti-systemic movement, the so-called LGBTQIA+ movement is supported by the most powerful, largest and wealthiest corporations in the world.

Thankfully in the West, there are people who stand up for their freedom of conscience, for their freedom to dissent, and their freedom to organise.

One of the most important such organisation is the International Organisation of the Family, which dares to stand up for tradition, seeks to promote and protect the family and to advocate for timeless family values.

I am pleased to have the President of the IOF, Mr. Brian Brown, on the podcast today.

We discuss the following:
- Support for the Natural Family by the President of Moldova
- The Imperial Agenda of so-called "liberals" to radically change the ideas of smaller, weaker countries
- World Congresses on the Family held annually around the world
- Have the former colonies merely kept old colonial Victorian anti-homosexual prejudices?
- Defense of the Natural Family as the foundation of truly liberal societies
- The Universal Declaration of Human Rights defines the family in Article 16 as founded upon the marriage between a man and woman
- dealing with the deconstruction of the family by the Frankfurt School, Foucault, Derrida
- the illiberality and authoritarianism of the Nietzchean Will To Power of the Left
- the difficulty of the fight against the well-funded "progressive" attack on the natural family
- the four main activities of the International Organisation of the Family
- the defence of the natural family as the defence of ordinary people
- GK Chesterson's great paradox that the liberals are elites and conservatives are the common people
- the profound contempt that the liberal elite have for ordinary people
- the lack of social responsibility of contemporary elites
- the LGBTQIA+ movement as historical decadence and civilisational decline
- The New Atheists as being post-Christian, very much informed by Christianity
- how liberals justify their actions in very Christian-like concepts, with their own "sacramental theology" in which they severly punish transgressors
- fighting the re-definition of the family at the UN level
- the very real and measurable social benefits of the natural family on education, income levels, mental health, physical health, good citizenship, etc.
- the breakdown of civil society because general agreements in societies have radically broken down
- the pervasiveness of physical assault and violence from Antifa
- the ways that "right" and "left" have very little relevance to these political struggles, as the biggest corporations support the "progressives" and the "conservatives" are often part of the grassroots 
- the breakdown of 1980s conservativism (the Moral Majority + anti-Communist foreign policy + libertarianism)
- how corporations put progressive ideology over profit, as a type of "religion"


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