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Episode 70

43: Renee Lynn | Contempt for Hinduism and Political Misinformation about India in the USA

Kirk Meighoo published on

Is the mainstream international media broadcasting fake news about India? Are they deliberately doing a smear campaign for their own political agenda? Why would they deceitfully hide the real India? 

These are the questions asked by world traveler and former fundamentalist Christian, Renee Lynn, in her book "India Unstripped".

Now the third largest economy in the world, India is increasingly being brought under the American media spotlight, whether it be through attacks on US Presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard, questions about India stealing American workers' jobs, fears over escalating tensions over India's Kashmir territory, or the massive Howd Modi rally in US which was the biggest by a foreign leader in American history, where US President Donald Trump himself was contented to be a mere "opening act" for Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Renee Lynn's story is fascinating for showing a different American view of India and I am pleased to explore her story.

We discuss:
- the Christian view of Salvation and Hell and its difference from the Hindu worldview
- the Baptist attack on Catholicism as paganism; intra-Christian in-fighting
- the connection of exclusivist religions and nuclear conflagration
- anxiety caused by extreme form of Christianity
- how the negative views of Hinduism in the West influence their view of India
- how Lynn took the step to become a Hindu
- the environmental movement of Greta Thunberg and Millennarianism
- growing up between Christianity and Hinduism
- Renee's shocking story of discrimination, ridicule and harrassment at her US Government Agency workplace over her Hindu beliefs 
- Her successful lawsuit 
- How this incident made her stand for justice for India and Hindus, both in the US and India
- Her calling out of Priyanka Chopra in Quantico in portraying Hindu nationalists as terrorists, and Pakistan and the US as a victim of Hindu terror
- the militaristic, anti-Indian, aggressive nature of the Pakisani State vs. the Pakistani people
- Imran Khan's UN Speech inciting violence and threatening nuclear war, without being condemned by the international community
- How Lynn started her Voice For India social media channels and India Stripped book
- the ancient links between Europeans and Indians revived in yoga, meditation, etc.
- the exaggeration by the West of Indian rape culture and treatment of women 
- How Christianity's -- and Islam's -- focus on justice has helped her in her fight for Hindus

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