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Episode 73

45: Michael Rectenwald | The Google Archipelago and Digital Corporate Totalitarianism

Kirk Meighoo published on

The internet has changed. When it started, it explicitly had the values of libertarianism and free thinking. It was dedicated to the free flow of information.

Then something happened. The internet is now a place of surveillance, of thought police, of censorship, and of conformity.

How and why did this change occur?

I am pleased to have today my friend, Michael Rectenwald, author of the new book the Google Archipelago: The Digital Gulag and the Simulation of Freedom

We discuss:

- Michael's "expulsion" from his Professorship at NYU and "excommunication" from he left communist group that he was a part of because of his criticism of political correctness
- His journey to the "right" on the political spectrum 
- How Google is behaving like the Soviet Gulags, not only imprisoning people, but attempting to erase them from history
- How the Digital Giants are trying to create a Fake Reality, not just Fake News, like a Matrix in real life
- the emergence of Corporate Socialism
- How Alexandra Ocasio Cortez and Bernie Sanders cannot be threats to the existing system, because they are being celebrated in that system
- State / Corporate Socialism vs. Libertarian Socialism
- Leftist Authoritarianism
- algorithmic "unfairness" "machine learning fairness"
- Google attempting to creating a simulated reality
- how we are living through the creation of a Matrix by Google and other Big Digital
- The way sites are suppressed in search results
- Tay AI
- how our personal data is more valuable than oil - Big Digital Companies are now richer than oil companies
- how the internet changed from liberty to authoritarianism, similar to the Soviet Union's
- censorship of the dissident left
- arbitrariness of the dominant 
- hypocrisy of the "liberal" left, or "liberal" progressives
- the similarity of crony capitalism and state socialism
- the similarity of individualist free market capitalist vision and the libertarian socialist vision
- people with penises are running feminism
- how the classic postmodern ideas of the Panopticon, Simulacra and Simulations, Governmentality can be used as a criticism of today's Digital Corporatism
- the need to unite the dissident right and dissident left
- dissidents like Tulsi Gabbard, Andrew Yang
- the necessity to produce Truth-based narratives to fight Digital Simulated Reality
- the importance of the imperfect individual
- how he is surviving the Digital Corporate leftist persecution 


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