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Episode 74

46: Independence Media Network | Seeing Past Left and Right in Fighting Underdevelopment, War and Corporatism

Kirk Meighoo published on

This week, I am the guest as I am interviewed by Williams Pounds and Chad Wilson of the Green Party in the US.

The topic is about moving past the divisions of "right" and "left" as we fight against perpetual war, neoliberal corporatism, and underdevelopment.

It was a great discussion. We cover the following topics:

- How we've got to throw away the labels because that is part of the divide and rule strategy

- how "right" and "left" are all just different wings of the War Party which continue the Imperial Policy of Divide and Rule

- How Trump's pullout of Syria policy reveals the underlying unity of the official "right" and "left"

- the Venezuelan refugee crisis in small Trinidad

- entrenchment of the US two-party system

- how the internet has turned from a libertarian site of free information to a site of Orwellian surveillance and mind control

- how the military-Govt-industrial-academia complex has tried to deny the recognition of Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai as the inventor of email

- the appeal of Trump to the working class and debating his genuineness

- What the Corporate Imperialists (East India Company) did in Asia in the 18th and 19th century -- which was the richest place on earth -- they are doing to America and Europe in the 21st century.

- Western Imperialism started out as a Private Enterprise by the world's first Corporation, The East India Company. Even the American Revolution began against the East India Company with the Boston Tea Party.

- We can't be afraid of embracing a Trump, a Putin, a Duterte, or someone labelled a "facist", "communist", "anarchist", "white nationalist", "racist" or whatever, that's the trick they use to hold on to their control. These are words meant to scare you

- the internal politics of the Green Party and the struggle against even internal corruption

- How the vast majority of Anti-Colonialists in the Third World are Nationalists, and the need fo alliances with Third World nationalist intellectuals

- George Orwell's "Lion and the Unicorn": patriotism vs. ideology

- How Ideology is used as a "trick" to divide solidarity, e.g. the Jacobites in England (based on loyalty) vs. the Jacobins in France (based on for an abstract idea. I think fighting for people is probably, in the end, more human and often better

- Nationalism as the most important bulwark against global corporatism

- How the fact When your movement is endorsed by Starbucks, Walmart, Coca Cola, the Chambers of Commerce, etc. you are not part of a Resistance


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