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Episode 75

47: Hussein Askary | Syria, The End of Endless Wars and the Adulthood of Humanity?

Kirk Meighoo published on


Is it possible that we are seeing the end of Endless War?

One of the most important aspects of Donald Trump's candidacy was his promise to end the endless wars in the so-called "Middle East" and elsewhere.

His track record has been mixed in this regard, especially during the period when John Bolton was in the State Department. Thankfully Bolton is gone, at least for now, and some progress is being made again.

The withdrawal of US troops from Syria has driven the media-industrial-academia-think tank complex into a frenzy, with both Republicans and Democrats, Western liberals and conservatives, 

I am pleased to have back on my podcast Hussein Askary, the Southwest Asia Coordinator of the Schiller Institute, Editor of the Arabic language website of the LaRouche Movement, Section Manager at Belt & Road Institute in Sweden, and Author of the 250-page study "Extending the New Silk Road to West Asia and Africa: A Vision of an Economic Renaissance". 

We discuss:

- Hussein Askary's dramatic story as a refugee from the 1991 Iraq War walking 6 days from the Kurdish north to Iran
- how he joined the Schiller Institute as the Arabic language editor of its research and publication division
- the lessons he learned from the Oslo peace process
- why fundamental economic development must take precedence over political reform
- the importance of the physical economy for human development
- large-scale projects and scientific research for Southwest Asia (the so-called "Middle East"): Greening the Desert, turning it into a productive agricultural zone again
- the Chinese model of development vs. the IMF and World Bank failed policies
- the Chinese radical, physical economic development of Africa
- Buckmister Fuller's idea that humans are the agents of the Universe for self-awareness and self-development vs. the radical environmentalist idea that humans are parasites 
- How the Earth is NOT our Mother: the Sun is; how we live in the atmosphere of the SUN
- How the Climate Models are fundamentally flawed by omitting the centrality of the Sun
- countering the dominant Western media interpretation of the US pullout from Syria, re: the Kurds, Turkey, ISIS, Russia, Iran, Israel
- the radically changed role of Turkey in the Syrian conflict, due to Trump and Russia
- The US Operation Timber Sycamore to funnel arms from other conflict areas to Syrian rebel groups
- how ISIS was created by the US intervention in Iraq and Syria
- the importance of Trump's 2017 Riyadh Conference in making the Sunni Arab countries stop supporting the Salafist terrorist groups
- Putin's strong gamble to stop regime change in Syria
- the geopolitical manipulation of the Kurds to destabilise the region
- Trump's historically significant public criticism of the military industrial complex
- why terrorism is NEVER a private enterprise; how terrorism is ALWAYS supported by hostile States
- how this could signal the historic end to jihadism
- the history of jihadism as part of the effort to destroy the Ottoman Empire
- the end of the era of Liberal Imperialism and the "Right to Protect", and the return of the sovereign Nation State
- how Southwest Asia may be stabilised and pursue fundamental human development in the region driven by association with the Belt and Road Initiative
- how the massive financial resources are already available in the region for massive, real, physical economic development
- how nuclear power allows oil to be used more valuably as an industrial input rather than being burned for fuel (like how wood was transformed after the discovery of coal)
- the launch of the Arabic language School of LaRouche's Economics
- how people are seeing through deliberate, deceptive provocations that the US uses to justify interventions in Syria, Venezuela, and elsewhere


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