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Episode 76

48: Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai | Inventing email, fighting the Deep State, and the 2020 Massachusetts Senate Race

Kirk Meighoo published on

What do you do when you invent email at the age of 14 in 1978, but the US military, academic and media establishment wants to deny you your achievement?

What do you do when you have 4 degrees from MIT, are an entrepreneur, a proven problem solver, but the whole world seems to believe strident, unscientific ideology is "settled science" and that anyone who questions it is a conspiracy theorist?

How about when the political establishment is so corrupt that democracy is merely a simulation or illusion, as a permanent political class holds on to its power?

What if you want to challenge all this? Well, today I'm going to speak to someone who is fighting against all of the above.

I am pleased to have on my programme today Dr. (Vellayappa) Shiva Ayyadurai 
Dr. Ayyadurai is an Indian-born American scientist, engineer, and entrepreneur.

Ayyadurai has been a genuine disrupter, generating controversy by questioning the working conditions of India's largest scientific agency, and later the safety of genetically modified soybeans. 

Dr. Shiva is author of the book All-American Indian: This Fight Is Your Fight - The Battle to Save America from the Elites Who Think They Know Better.

He was an independent candidate in the 2018 United States Senate election in Massachusetts and is currently running for the Republican nomination in 2020.

We talk about:

- his invention of email and the manufactured, cynical, corporate-academic-military controversy over it, decades later
- his background as a low-caste Indian in India, and his family's extraordinary story of fighting against discrimination and social limitations in India
- his experience at MIT: Chomsky, politics, technology, and his firing under pressure from the official military-biased technological historians
- his critical view of Gandhi and the world's "Not So Obvious Establishment"
- the existing caste system in Academica, the United States and the world
- His marriage to Fran Drescher
- celebrities vs. actors, scientists vs. academics, statesmen vs. politicians
- the criticism of "scientific consensus", the fraudulence of the Climate Change / Carbon Tax movement, and its support by the most polluting corporations
- Fake Problems and Fake Solutions vs. Real Problems and Real Solutions, and Fake Political Divisions based around Fake Problems
- How the Massachusetts Senate election is the most important in the World, because it is the epicentre of the Deep State
- his anti-establishment ideology and his attraction to Donald Trump
- his very unconventional, anti-establishment political campaign
- his pledge to only serve one term and to train 10,000 young leaders to continue the fight
- His programme of radical health reform, getting the Post Office involved in hosting the internet and protecting the First Amendment, dismantling the Student Loan scam that Universities get rich off of while impoverishing graduates
- Why he thinks Trump is more anti-establishment to Yang and Tulsi
Check out his fascinating Senate campaign here:


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