Global Politics & Cultures (formerly Independent Thought & Freedom)
Episode 79

51: IMN | Facebook Censorship, US Green Party Vote Rigging, and more

Kirk Meighoo published on

This week I am rebroadcasting The Evolution Revolution Podcast's interview with me, where I am the guest. Hosts are William Pounds and Green Party presidential candidate contender, Chad Wilson We discuss: - Facebook and Real Life Electoral and Party Politics - Local Government Elections in Trinidad and Tobago and my FB spat with the Deputy Political Leader of the ruling party - the petition against FB's Head of Diversity for allegedly supporting the ruling party in Trinidad and Tobago and suppressing Opposition voices - censorship on FB - The "Google Archipelago" and Big Tech's attempt to control and shape reality - US Green Party internal politics - Differences between the party systems in Trinidad and Tobago vs. the US - Gatekeeping and election rigging in the US Green Party - marginalising Cynthia McKinney and her campaign manager in the Green Party - the left's hostility toward Julian Assange - the nature and origin of memes - Bradley / Chelsea Manning and transgender sensitive - the possibility of Jesse Ventura running for the Green Party

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