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Episode 87

59: E Michael Jones | MLK, Race vs. Ethnicity, and American Empire

Kirk Meighoo published on

Issues surrounding race, immigration, nationalism and identity have been at the forefront around the globe for the past few years. These have fed into radical political earthquakes that are re-shaping the world, such as Brexit, the election of Donald Trump, the consolidation of the BJP in India, and with nationalist and anti-mass immigration parties around the world.

This week, the United States observed the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., the most famous figure in the Civil Rights struggle of the 1960s, and a virtual saint for many around the world.

As with all saints, there have been mythologies built up around them. With respect to Dr. King and his struggles on behalf of the African American people, we need to delve more deeply into the facts and details surrounding Dr. King and his movement, and the implications for ethnic, political and social justice struggles today. This includes debates on "who are the real racists", what the did the Civil Rights Movement achieve for Afro-Americans, and other issues.

To talk about this issue today I have with me E Michale Jones, author of "The Slaughter of Cities" and 61 other books.

E Michael Jones is an unusual, independent Catholic thinker. His interests and knowledge are incredibly wide-ranging, from history, to economics, to global politics, to theology, to sociology.

He is extremely challenging, fearless, bold, committed, and controversial.

I am so glad to have him on this podcast.


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