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Episode 7

6: Erica Williams-Connell | A Daughter's Mission, Part 1

Kirk Meighoo published on

Erica Williams-Connell has embarked on a mission -- to keep alive and extend the legacy of her father, the world-famous historian of Slavery, Imperialism, and the Caribbean, and the first Prime Minister of independent Trinidad and Tobago, Dr. Eric Williams.

The Eric Williams Memorial Collection, which she heads, is included in UNESCO's Memory of the World Register. But as with any great political figure, Dr. Eric Williams and his legacy is not without controversy by any means.

Erica Williams-Connell tells the fascinating story of growing up as a young child during the first tumultuous years of Independence, following the death of her mother, leaving her father to care for her alone. Her experience of the Army Mutiny, the Black Power Revolution, and Independence -- in which her father was sometimes hero and sometimes "villain" -- are explored, among other things.

This is an exciting, lively discussion that you don't want to miss.

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