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Episode 88

60: Liliana Gorini | Italy, Salvini, Green De-Industrialisation and the Fake Left/Right Distinction

Kirk Meighoo published on

The global shift in politics is happening in key places around the world. Italy is a major node.

Mainstream analysis places this in terms of a movement from left to right, but this is lazy and unhelpful. It's perhaps even worse, because it hides the real and important struggles that are going on right now.

Matteo Salvini has been portrayed as a racist, fascist, populist by the establishment and mainstream media and academic institutions.

There was an election this Sunday where he went to attack one of the left's strongest areas. It was bold move that would shake up not only the current government, but the entire nature of Italian politics -- and perhaps that of the world.

To discuss these matters further, I am pleased to have on the podcast Liliana Gorini, chairwoman of the Italian political party MoviSol, Movimento Solidarietà, which is in partnership with the current government.

We discuss:

- the reason why "left/right" analysis does not explain what is happening in Italy
- how the "left" are aligned with the big banks and the rich, and the "right" are defending industry, jobs and workers
- Why do the bankers and speculators support Green Bonds and de-industrialisation?
- What were these elections about and why are they so important?
- Why did the National's Government coalition parties contest the elections separately in these important Emilia Romagna elections?
- What is a "divided vote" in Italy?
- What is the state of the governing 5 Star Movement after this shameful defeat?
- How did the 5 Star Movement betray its voters by allying with the establishment?
- What are the similarities with Syriza in Greece?
- Is it more useful to see the global political divide as between the cities and the rural areas, the financial and service economy vs. the real economy?
- How did the "left" become the party of the rich, while the "right" became the party of the poor?
- Is George Soros supporting the Italian left?
- Why was the Davos gathering of billionaires adopting a left wing agenda?
- How Trump stood up to the billionaires at Davos
- Can the Italian Government be brought down?
- Is creativity and technological development the real solution to environmental problems, rather than de-industrialistion?
- Is the mainstream Green Movement actually a fraud?
- Why has the environmental movement stopped talking about air, water, and land pollution, and only concerned about carbon emissions?
- Is the current global warming scare similar to the Y2K scare?
- Is the Global Warming hypothesis falsifiable? If not, does it count as science?
- Why is carbon -- the very definition of organic -- seen as bad in the current environmental movement?
- Who really took away Greta Thunberg's childhood?

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