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Episode 89

61: Daniel Burke | Fighting the Nihilism and Pessimism of Today's Politics

Kirk Meighoo published on

How do we overcome the cynicism and corruption of practical politics, which Aristotle described as the highest form of ethics?

It is an election year in the United States, and the debacle of the Democratic Iowa Caucuses has just ended.

Big questions dominate the election: democracy, nationalism, the global order, creating a new economy, how do we deal with environmental issues.

While the political fight looks to be mainly between Trump Republicans, Bernie Democrats and the Establishment Uniparty (which itself is very interesting), there are some notably underdog, spunky and visionary local candidates who are seeking to radically shake things up.

One of these is Daniel Burke, who is running for US Senate in New Jersey as a LaRouche Independent.


We discuss:
- Why we need a campaign of optimism and the Renaissance of Western culture
- The necessity of seeing humans as positive creative agents rather than as parasites or burdens on the planet
- How the attacks on Lyndon LaRouche have never centred on his ideas
- Daniel's move from Hawaii to Dallas, Harvard, New Orleans, and New Jersey
- Why America needs the Space Program and a Nuclear Fusion Program
- LaRouchePAC "Eat the Babies" troll of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez's Green New Deal
- Why Trump is the only candidate to advance an agenda for peace and development
- Daniel's view of Nick Fuentes and TPUSA
- Why Trump, Putin, and Xi need to come together in a global peace summit



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