Global Politics & Cultures (formerly Independent Thought & Freedom)
Episode 92

64: Awakening Innovations interview with Dr. Kirk Meighoo

Kirk Meighoo published on

Michael Barnes, on his Awakening Innovations podcast, from Los Angeles, California, interviews me,

Awakening Innovations speaks with innovators, entrepreneurs, and "just cool people" with a heart to change the world. We talk to those who think differently and who leave "the box" behind. As Albert Einstein said, "We can't solve our problems using the same thinking we used when we created them."

We also speak with people who have gone through troubled times and come out the other side. As the quote goes, "I love people who have been through the fire and walk back in carrying water for those still going through it." (modified from Stephanie Sparkles)

Michael and I discuss:
- how I became interested in political and social activism from my teenage years
- how I started on the political left, but became disaffected by their "war on normal people"
- the radical scene in the 1980s, anarchists, College radio
- my journey through the Canada, the West Indies, the United Kingdom and elsewhere
- my "return" migration to Trinidad and Tobago during the attempted coup of 1990
- how and why I left my university career
- how I help academics expand their horizons by getting involved in the media and getting heard nationally and internationally
- the habits, fears, mindsets, and other factors which keep academics back from engaging the wider public through the media

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