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Episode 103

66: Anya Parampil | Fighting the Empire's "Fake News" - RussiaToday, Tucker Carlson and the GrayZone

Kirk Meighoo published on

The term "Fake news" has become one of the most important concepts and rhetorical weapons of the 21st century.

It started as a way to denigrate alternative and non-mainstream voices, to silence so-called "conspiracy theorists", whether on the right or left, but then Donald Trump turned it around on the establishment itself in a brilliant maneuvere.

The fight over information -- what is propaganda, what is truth, who should be trusted, and who shouldn't be -- is central to political life today.

Today, I am pleased to have a vibrant, young, and already distinguished voice in the alternative media space, Anya Parampil. 

Anya is the host of Red Lines at The Grayzone, an independent US media site based in DC. Former host and correspondent for RT America.

In this interview we talk about
- the COVID-19 crisis and the political response
- the politics of RT America and her exit
- the inadequacy of the political labels "left", "right", "progressive" and her preference for "Anti-imperialist"
- her various experiences around the world witnessing the effects of US foreign policy on ordinary people
- the failures of Bernie Sanders in the Democratic Primary
- her opinion of Tulsi Gabbard

and much more

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