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Episode 118

67: Bill Martin | Communist Praise for the Trump Presidency

Kirk Meighoo published on

We have been saying for a few years now that we are living in historic times. Well it is more apparent, and more fundamental, now more than ever.

Even before the coronavirus crisis and the collapse of the world economy which we are witnessing today, the rise of Donald Trump was very much a part of this radical transformation in economics, society, politics, international relations, ideas, class structure -- both as a signal and a symptom of something much bigger than him, while also embodying, being a cause and major agent of the change.

Today to talk and think about these questions, my guest is Bill Martin.

Bill Martin is an American philosopher and a musician, author of nine books in both philosophy and music.

He has been working on a "The Trump Clarification: Disruption at the edge of the system" for a while now, challenging people with his unorthodox interpretations of the Trump Phenomenon.

In our wide-ranging discuss we cover:

- Communism and Donald Trump
- Jacques Derrida, Alain Baidou
- The Deep State
- The rut of Left wing politics: Hillary Clinton, Barrack Obama, Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, neoliberalism, globalism, Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, the State, FBI, CIA, and the lack of creativity
- FH Buckley, right wing Marxism and the Republican Workers Party
- anti-lockdown protests, the white working class, and anti-Southern white sentiment in the left
- Buddhism, Christianity, the logic of redemption and contingency
- capitalism, George Friedman, geopolitics, and coronavirus
- George Orwell
- populism
- Jimmy Dore, communitarianism, individualism, sectarianism, communitarianism and libertarianism, thoughtful conservativism, Steve Hilton, positive populism
- isolationism, internationalism, American nationalism
- spiritual emptiness, nihilism, materialism, the Sartrean project, religious traditions, optimism, pessimism

and much more

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