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Episode 129

A New World Order & A "New Normal" w/ Paul Craig Roberts and Cynthia McKinney

Kirk Meighoo published on

A Story Club: Global Politics S1 E1
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A New World Order & A "New Normal":  The World in 2020 and beyond w/ Dr. Paul Craig Roberts and Dr. Cynthia McKinney

Are a New World Order and the so-called “New Normal” something to be welcomed or feared?

How much of where we have reached has been an accident, how much has been foreseen, and how much actually planned for?

Are the proposed changes to people’s rights, economic livelihoods, independence and privacy inevitably going to be restricted, or can we fight for a different, freer and more prosperous future?

Join me in discussion with my fiercely outspoken and distinguished guests Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, a former member of the US Reagan Administration and Dr. Cynthia McKinney, former six-term Congresswoman who was the first black woman elected to represent Georgia.



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