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Episode 98

Ann Coulter, Jimmy Dore, progressives, and why Trump dodged a bullet with Sanders' loss to Biden

Kirk Meighoo published on

Listen to the full interview here:

In this excerpt, Ann recalls how she spent her time in NYC during the 2016 election explaining to Bernie voters why they had more in common with Donald Trump than with Hillary Clinton, and why in 2020 she might have voted for Bernie over Trump. 

This was part of my very enjoyable interview of Ann Coulter as host of "Politics and Polemics" on the New Books Network, published out of Massachusetts.

NBN is the largest podcast enterprise in the world in terms of the number of episodes. We've published 7,250 episodes and issue 35 new ones every week. It's also one of the largest in terms of audience: We do about a million downloads a month, about 30K a day. We are the most successful academic author outreach program in history.

My guests have included internationally best-selling authors Ann Coulter, William Dalrymple, Alexander Dugin, Douglas Murray, Farrukh Dhondy, Sir John Redwood, Max Blumenthal, former Jamaican Prime Minister PJ Patterson. Edward Snowden will be a guest later in Spring.

Full interview here:




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