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Episode 12

Are Kalahari Bushmen Really "Poor"? w/ Christopher McIntosh

Kirk Meighoo published on

LISTEN to the FULL episode 8 w/ author and research Christopher McIntosh BELOW! 

Christopher McIntosh, author and scholar of Western esoteric and pagan traditions, used to work for the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) from around 1989 to 1993.

As I discovered in our conversation, his work there led to him to embrace paganism, as he discovered and became critical of the UNDP's globalist agenda, and its worship of the "God of Economic Growth".

For him Paganism was a welcome contrast. It represented the ancestral, the local, the non-material, the traditional, the circular (and not the linear). The UNDP was the modern, the global, the material, and the "progressive".

I asked him a question that many liberal capitalists (and even socialists and communists) have posed to such arguments: aren't you simply romanticising poverty?

Listen to his reply in this excerpt of our conversation.

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