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Episode 136

Building True Multipolarity: The 4th Political Theory w/Aleksandr Dugin

Kirk Meighoo published on

A Story Club: Global Politics S1 E4
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Is liberalism really liberal? Do liberals tolerate those who are truly different?

Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X and many others saw very clearly the hypocrisy of liberalism with regards to race relations in the United States.

In India, where Hindus were liberal long before the ideology of liberalism existed, they also have criticized the hypocrisy and double standards of liberalism.

In Eastern Europe and the Muslim world, as well, they have experienced the devastating hypocrisy of “liberal” imperialism and “liberal” wars, while daily they pound the war drums against Russia and China, anxious to “free the world” of “tyranny”.

Throughout the Third World, and more recently even within the West itself, “neoliberalism” has relentlessly made the rich richer, made more people poorer and put them in deeper and deeper perpetual debt. 

How can we reclaim a truly liberal world, where all of us can live side by side in peace and prosperity, without imposing our values and worldviews on others?

Is conflict between China, the US, Russia, and Iran necessary? 

Does there have to be a single “ruler of the world”? Is this merely an inescapable fact of history?

Or is this struggle for world domination actually the product of a specific view of the world?

Is it possible to have a Multi-Polar world, with no single centre? Will this lead to more peace or more war?

Aleksandr Dugin, Russia’s greatest living philosopher, has been exploring these questions for decades, from the last days of the Soviet Union, through they Yeltsin years, up to the present under Putin.

His “Fourth Political Theory” seeks to create a world order without domination and with true respect for all cultures of the world.

Join me, Dr. Kirk Meighoo, in a fascinating and insightful discussion with Professor Dugin as we discuss his ideas and work on this important topic 

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