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Episode 44

Discussing Slavery And Reparations Frankly, But With Mutual Respect w/ Selwyn Cudjoe

Kirk Meighoo published on

LISTEN to the FULL episode 21 of "Independent Thought & Freedom" Debating Slavery and Reparations w/ Professor Selwyn Cudjoe BELOW! 

On Friday I published my latest podcast episode, and interview with Professor Selwyn Cudjoe.

We spoke about his latest book, "The Slave Master of Trinidad", and I wanted to use the opportunity to speak frankly about the issue of Reparations.

In the end, I thanked him for keeping the discourse at a high level with his academic work (even though sometimes in columns and political activity it may not be at that level), and -- in a pleasant suprise -- Professor Cudjoe also expressed his appreciation.

We need more genuine, honest discussion of controversial issues, without personal animosity or rancour. Once we enter into good faith dialogue, on both sides, we can deal with the thorniest of issues, be it race, sexuality, gender, politics, etc.

I am very glad that my podcast has helped such discussion move forward.

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