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Episode 137

From Kerala (India) to Jamaica and Beyond: Writing and Publishing from the Caribbean w/ Annie Paul

Kirk Meighoo published on

A Story Club: Global Cultures S1 E5
streamed live on FB from the US (San Francisco), India (Dehra Dun) and Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean, Thursdays 12pm EDT | 9am PDT | 9:30pm IST

This week my guest is Annie Paul, writer and editor based in Jamaica for over 30 years. A “Syrian Christian” from Kerala, India (from the Church founded by St. Thomas, Jesus’s disciple), Annie moved to Jamaica, where she became deeply involved in academic publications in the social sciences, journalism and the promotion of Caribbean literature.
In addition, to her writing as a columnist and internationally quoted blog (in Jamaica, the UK, the US) she has recently finished a biography of a key founder of Cultural Studies in the UK, the Jamaican-born Stuart Hall.

Cultural studies is a field of analysis and activism that looks at the political dynamics of contemporary culture, its historical foundations and conflicts, how culture relates to wider systems of power, ideology, class structures, national formations, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, and generation. 

It was started by British Marxists in the 1950s and was given shape in the 1960s and 70s in Birmingham most notably by Jamaican-born Stuart Hall and his colleagues and graduate students. 

Join me, Dr. Kirk Meighoo, as we discuss with Annie moving between India and Jamaica, writing and publishing from the Caribbean, her reflections on Stuart Hall’s life, and what it means to her.


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