Global Politics & Cultures (formerly Independent Thought & Freedom)
Episode 128

Global Diasporas w/ Robin Cohen and Steven Taylor

Kirk Meighoo published on

A Story Club: Global Cultures is a new programme broadcasting every week live on FB from San Franciso, Dehra Dun (India), and Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean.

Our first episode of Season 1 is on the theme "Global Diasporas".

Are you part of a Diaspora? African, Indian, Chinese, French, Arab, Chinese, Irish, etc.?

In this election season, questions of race, identity, nationalism, loyalty and ancestry inevitably arise.

How can we think about Diaspora in a Global Perspective, so we can put our debates in a larger context, and work out our issues productively?

My guests are Professor Robin Cohen from the University of Oxford (author of Global Diasporas: An Introduction (1997, with many subsequent editions and translations)

Professor Steven Taylor from American University, author of "Exiles, Entrepreneurs, and Educators: African Americans in Ghana".

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