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Episode 31

Guyana's Political Skeletons in the Closet w/ Charrandass Persaud

Kirk Meighoo published on

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Guyana's Political Skeletons in the Closet: vote-rigging, party paramountcy, the murder of Walter Rodney, Jim Jones and Rabbi Washington 

Present-day politics in Guyana, whether one realises it or not, is haunted by the ghosts of its past, which have not properly been laid to rest.

In its 53rd year of independence, a Guyanese government lost a vote of no-confidence for the first time. Charrandass Persaud, a member of the ruling coalition, cast his vote against his government in a surprise move.

This prompted a fellow Parliamentarian to physically hit him, and another to declare, "You gon dead tonight Charrandas!"

All this occurred without any rebuke from the Speaker.

Charrandass had to flee the country in fear of his life, as the Minister of National Security vowed to deal with Mr. Persaud.

These reactions don't simply come from "race" politics, as people have simplistically suggested.

It comes from a deep history of political violence, fraud, murder, ethnic cleansing, cults, and destablisation by the CIA and UK, in order to prevent a so-called "communist" party from coming to power.

These political skeletons have yet to be properly buried either in Guyana's history, the Caribbean, or the wider world.

As a result, Guyanese politics are haunted by these spectres, and the current saga of Charrandass Persaud must be put in this historical context, to understand the real danger that both he, and the country as a whole, faces.

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