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Episode 30

Guyana's shameful, unresolved, murderous past w/ Charrandass Persaud

Kirk Meighoo published on

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Not many people understand the depths of the violence and oppression in Guyana's past.

Even close neighbours, like in Trinidad, have little or no idea.

In my discussion with Charrandass Persaud, who recently created history in Guyana by bringing down his government, we explore 
this in some depth.

By voting in favour of a motion of no-confidence against his government, Charrandass Persaud now fears for the loss of his life from the politically-controlled Guyanese State.

To understand the very real basis of this fear, you have to understand the deep and ugly history of political and racial violence in Guyana.

One reason why the racialised, violent split between the Africans and Indians was allowed to degenerate to the abysmal depths of mass murder and violence, was that the British and the CIA ALLOWED and ENCOURAGED this to happen, so that Cheddi Jagan's "communist" People's Progressive Party would be put out of power.

The shameful, unresolved history of the People's National Congress (PNC) with vote-rigging, the murder of Walter Rodney, support of religious cults (including Jim Jones and Rabbi Washington), murderous ethnic cleansing in the villages, party paramountcy, banning importation of predominantly Indian foods casts a long, dark shadow on Guyana even up to today.

These are crimes against humanity.

Yet Charrandass Persaud, even though he is accused of racism, and even though he might even be justified if he had such feelings, has tried to bridge the racial divide.

He did not wish to join the People's Progressive Party (PPP), due to alleged corruption, and instead joined the multi-racial Alliance for Change (AFC).

However, to understand the depth of the meanings behind his actions -- and the fear for his life -- we need to understand, and come to terms with, the shameful history of the PNC, the British, and the Americans in Guyana.

Here is an excerpt from our conversation.


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