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Episode 9

"I had to see to be able to shoot them": Remembering the Black Power Movement w/Erica Williams-Connell

Kirk Meighoo published on

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Excerpt from my conversation with Erica Williams-Connell:

“I’m the one who was pushing him [to resign]…
I felt that there were a lot of ingrates. I felt that he was tired. I felt that he could have time for himself, to write his books. I just wanted him out. …
You have to remember that the Regiment wanted to string my father up in Woodford Square. They wanted to hang him in Woodford Square in 1970. 
There’s no daughter who would want her father to be … in the same position, to have the same thing happen again.
I’m the one who was 19 years old, slept with a .38 calibre Special under my pillow in his bedroom, with my glasses on for the first two nights when I arrived. Because if somebody burst into the room I had to see to be able to shoot them.”


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