Global Politics & Cultures (formerly Independent Thought & Freedom)
Episode 119

"I Wasn't a 'Good Indian'" w/ Dr Shiva Ayyadurai

Kirk Meighoo published on

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This is an excerpt from my fascinating interview with Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, the inventor of email and contender for the Republican Senate candidate for Massachusetts, where he explains his life of struggle for truth and justice. 

He has been going viral recently with his amazing insights into the current coronavirus pandemic, and deservedly so.

In this excerpt of our discussion, he talks about when the military-academic-industrial-technological complex tried to deny him credit for his revolutionary invention of email as a young 14 year old immigrant boy in Newark, New Jersey.

Little did they know they were screwing with the wrong Indian. He was a veteran fighter, but this was the first time he had to fight for his own personal cause.

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