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Episode 138

Iranian Leviathan: Properly understanding Iran's place in world history, the present and future w/ Jason Reza Jorjani

Kirk Meighoo published on

A Story Club: Global Politics S1 E5
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Have we fundamentally misunderstood Iran?

How many of us understand that Iran is Ancient Persia, one of the greatest empires and civilizations in world history – at least equivalent to Greece and Rome, but perhaps closer to India and China in its longevity and importance.

When the Shah of Iran was overthrown in 1979, that had put to end a royal dynasty that was over 2,500 years old, stretching back to the Achaemenid Empire by Cyrus the Great. Persia (Iran) has been a great centre of architecture, the arts, poetry, music, science and civilization for millennia. Its language dominated the educated classes of the region from Turkey in the West to Muslim India in the East, like Latin did in Europe, or Greek in the Mediterranean world.

In addition, Iran means “Land of the Aryans”. This gives it very close ancient ties to India and the Indo-Aryan culture and language family, which stretches from India to Europe, and now over the whole world because of the English language.

Despite the current Iranian regime’s fundamentalism, ordinary Iranians remain a fundamentally modern and open people.

Has it been wrongly blamed for global Islamic terrorism and jihad, which are more closely tied to extremists in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan? What role can it play in play in countering the violently fanatic currents of Wahhabism, Salafism and Debandism out of these other places?

Join me, Dr. Kirk Meighoo, to discuss these issues with Jason Reza Jorjani, an Iranian American philosopher and theorist and author of Prometheus and Atlas, Lovers of Sophia, World State of Emergency, and Iranian Leviathan: A Monumental History of Mithra's Abode 



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