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Episode 24

Reflections on Divide and Rule Imperial Geopolitics w/ Mike Billington

Kirk Meighoo published on

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Observing the tragic play in Venezuela right now, and just after watching the deeply moving film, "Manikarnika: Queen of Jhansi", it seems a fitting moment to discuss the imperial policy of "divide and rule".

Below is an excerpt from my recent conversation with Mike Billington, an American former political prisoner, on his first encounter with Imperial Divide and Rule Geopolitical policy when he served with the Peace Corps in newly independent Guyana in South America / the Caribbean.

In Venezuela right now, the divide and rule policy is being played out by recognising Juan Guaido, a hitherto minor political figure, as the "new president" of Venezuela by the US and essentially its NATO allies.

So they have divided the country into two warring camps that way. Like with Syria.

Now the US are trying to deliver aid to "their side" while bypassing the official Government of Venezuela, which they now "refuse to recognise".

The Government is put into a bind, because the aid is only going to "rebel" controlled areas.

Predictably, this has produced a clash.

This is how divide and rule works. Intervention will be called for to bring about "peace and stability". Or Guaido, who is clearly a US asset, will be installed in power.

The same thing keeps happening over and over again.

This is how Imperial Geopolitics works.

Can it be stopped ever?

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