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Episode 32

Taiwanese Nationalism, West Indian Nationalism, American Nationalism - Sh*tlord Preachers Ep. #43 w/ Dr. Kirk Meighoo (Cross Posting)

Kirk Meighoo published on

In recognition of the  Democratic Presidential candidate Andrew Yang (Taiwanese descent) inclusion in the debates, and also in anticipation of my podcast conversation with Brook Potter which I'm releasing tomorrow, here is my guest appearance on the podcast "Shitlord Preachers" with Amos Joseph and Brook Potter in February.

Among other things, we spoke about 

- the centrality of the West Indies in the creation of the modern world
- How every single problem in today's world can be traced right back to Bill Clinton in the 1990s lol
- How there is more freedom in the West Indies than in Western countries right now
- Defining and Defending Nationalism
- differences between right wing, left wing, libertarian, authoritarian, American, English, French, Chinese, Russian nationalisms, etc.
- the peculiarities of West Indian nationalism
- Taiwanese nationalism, and a comparison with other types of nationalism
- Native Americans and nationalism


I really enjoyed this interview, and I hope that you do too.

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