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Episode 133

The Caribbean and The Struggle for Epistemological Sovereignty w/ Aleksandr Dugin

Kirk Meighoo published on

My Presentation at 1st International online conference on Fourth Political Theory: Global Perspectives, New Challenges, Epistemological Problems 
1 August 2020

In my view, the Fourth Political Theory is an elegant articulation of a universal truth.

When I first came across this Theory, I was amazed at how it fit perfectly with the work that a small group of us have been doing in the Caribbean for decades.

I come from a local intellectual tradition called the New World Group, which was formed from the time we were becoming independent in the 1960s, and some of us resisted the Cold War between American liberal capitalism and Soviet Communism.

I want to share our insights so that we can collaborate.

Let's start with the Caribbean's place in MOdernity.

The Caribbean was the birthplace of Western Imperialism and the Modern World, even before many places in Europe.  

This is where Columbus came and his voyages were.

Whole societies were created out of pure economic interests, vulgar and brutal materialism. We were foundational to the internationalisation of production, finance, distribution and trade chains and extreme inequality. All our production was exported, all of our necessities were imported, we produced nothing for our own use. We created vast proto-industrial plantations based on imported cheap (slave) labour. The predated industrialial capitalism in Europe.

We represent the dark side of modernity. 

We have also been engaged in a long struggle against it.

Both in the form of trying to create autonomous societies that try to free themselves of imperialism, and also in the form of providing some of the most cogent critiques of that imperialism, including the hypocrisy of its chief ideology, Liberalism. 

My presentation provides four main insights.

The full conference can be found here:

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