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Episode 36

The Chinese-Russian Alliance in the Long View of History w/ Sheikh Imran Hosein

Kirk Meighoo published on

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The CNN/BBC/NYT analysis of the Chinese-Russian alliance as one between "despotic" anti-democratic regimes, against the "freedom-loving" West is extremely shallow historically.

The alliance represents something far deeper than ideological rivalries. In fact it is not ideological at all, in terms of so-called "capitalism" vs. so-called "socialism".

There are long, historical, existential, civilisational issues at stake here, which most Western observers can barely understand, given their extremely shallow understanding of world history, in general.

Sheikh Imran Hosein provides his analysis from his unique, historical Islamic / Sufi perspective.

The Russia-China alliance represents two proud ancient civilisations that have both found their grounding AFTER the disastrous Communist period in the 20th century.

They represent ancient principles against the brash, arrogance of the relatively young United States, which has lost its own anti-colonial moorings, and itself has degenerated into a geopolitical, Imperial force, in a mode of Permanent Warfare.

Donald Trump promised a return to those principles, but has seemingly been overtaken by the Deep State neoconservatives, who run foreign policy no matter which President comes in office.

Listen to the excerpt below and then check out the complete interview.

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