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Episode 145

Thinking About the Post-Pandemic World - HTJ Podcast Talk

Kirk Meighoo published on

I was a guest on the HTJ podcast to speak about the post-pandemic world. I am sharing it on my channel now.

About HTJ:
"We are a team of cross border tax consultants.  Our focus is on international tax in general and US international tax in particular.

Based in Singapore, www.HTJ.TAX is a member of Moores Rowland Asia Pacific with over 30 offices across China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, The Philippines, Tajikistan and Thailand.

We created this Podcast channel to do a series of interviews with those in our network whom we consider senior thought leaders. Those who move and inspire others with their innovative ideas; whose ideas turned into reality.

We hope that these interviews along with their stories, insights and tips inspire you too"



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