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Episode 27

Western Ethnic Lies and Double Standards on Ethnostates in Jammu & Kashmir w/ Prof. Kapil Kumar

Kirk Meighoo published on

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As the world watches two nuclear-armed states in confrontation in Jammu & Kashmir, the Western media pushes a false framework that encourages rabid, mindless confrontation. 

Whereas the framework should be about terrorism and the appropriate responses to suicide bombers, instead the Western media stoke a false narrative about Hindu oppression of Muslims, and encourage Islamic religious fanaticism, where it is not the issue.

This gets to our very understanding of history itself.

The Western media has promoted a very false understanding and framework of Indian Independence, partition and the Jammu & Kashmir question.

While overall, Jammu & Kashmir is a majority Muslim state, geographically Muslims occupty only 15% of the area, in the Kashmir valley. Jammu is majority Hindu, and Ladakh is Buddhist.

But that is not even the issue.

India is not a Hindu, ethnic state. It is multi-religious.

Pakistan is an ethnic state, though, with Islam being the State religion. And Pakistan is strangely supported by the US militarily, against India.

Interestingly, however, although Pakistan was founded on the basis of religion, during the partition of India into India and Pakistan in 1947, a majority of Muslims decided to stay in India.

(According to Pew, Pakistan now has more Muslims than India (200m vs. 189m). This was until recently not the case, so in the video I apparently mistakenly claim otherwise.)

India was not founded on the basis of religion. The Indian Independence movement was ALWAYS multi-religious. 

And Indian Muslims continue to fight and sacrifice their lives against terrorists being sheltered in Pakistan.

To frame the Jammu & Kashmir conflict in terms of Hindu oppression of Muslims encourages ethnic analysis of problems; insults Indian Muslims, Hindus and others; ignores the legality of international borders; blames Indians for terrorism; and ignores the central problem of terrorists sheltering themselves in Pakistan.

The very framing of the conflict has to be re-shaped.

It is NOT Hindu vs. Muslim. It is multi-religious India vs. Islamic terrorists.

See the excerpt from my myth-busting interview with Professor Kapil Kumar, the Director of the Centre for Freedom Struggle & Diaspora Studies at the Indira Gandhi National Open University, New Delhi, India to learn more.

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