Go All In
Episode 7

Alan Burton - We'll find a way or we'll make one

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On todays show our guest is Alan Burton. Alan is a fellow podcaster and professional singer. Alan’s show is called The Truth Health Freedom Podcast and has a laser sharp focus on these three very important topics.

Alan’s skills as a performer and broadcaster are a unique mix that allow him to conduct interviews and tell stories with all passion and heart that a performer can muster.

But don’t be fooled by his happy, outgoing and carefree attitude and demina. It wasn’t always this way for him. For many years Alan battled with chronic illness and paralysing anxiety until he slowly over came it with diet, nutrition and an absolute focus on the discipline it took to maintain this.

Alan’s road to recovery has been long one and his dedication to “GO ALL IN” strengthens each day with an unwavering commitment to never go back to where he was.

To someone like myself who has never had any health problems Alan’s journey is truly inspirational and it is my pleasure to be able to bring his story and his message to you, the listener.









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  • That was an excellent interview. Very interesting with experience through chronic illness delivering a commons sense message of healthy food and a healthy lifestyle to enable good physical and mental health. At the end Alan spoke of the blue light and even now I am downloading the program I mentioned, which I do believe may well ease my eyes while spending long days on the computer.

  • f.lux is great and the glasses I mentioned are Blublockers. Other brands are available cheaper, just type blue blocking glasses in the search engine. So glad to see that something I said is potentially going to be useful to someone. That's why I did this, so that my own experience and learning may help others in some small way.