H.A.F Podcast
Episode 12

Veteran Talks

theironkingltd Laramie published on

In this episode I talk about the feelings I have as a Canadian Veteran. Sometimes the concept of calling myself a "veteran" feels like such a strange concept, mostly because of how young I am. I am part of the younger generation of men and women who have been to more warzones than I can name. I am so proud to call myself a veteran, and if you are one, you should too. 

I offer no solutions for the Veteran community, the political climate in this country surrounding verterans and benefits is completely mind boggling, and whether you support what veterans are after or not, I encourage you to see what Equitas is figting for and Google the recent town hall meeting events in Edmonton with Prime Minister Trudeau, to shed some light on what vets across Canada are fighting for. However I do have some advice for all veterans, be the hard-working Canadian citizens that you so proudly were while in service, show the civilian population how much we have to offer. Lead from the front.

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