We have never been so torn between our desire for peace and happiness and the reality of a world in constant conflict and despair. 
This beautiful world we inhabit together is only a reflection of the conflict and despair of our own conditioned inner world. 

The only way to heal our world isn't to bring more conditioned fear driven initiatives. We have seen the effects of that. You can’t address an effect with another effect, it does not work. The only way to heal a disease is to heal its cause. And that cause is within us. Within our own divided and conditioned thought patterns. The inner conflicts we experience are a result of what is mostly our unconscious and fear driven conditioning. That's the cause we need to address at a collective but more importantly a personal level.  Why does the mention of ego still bring conversations to a stop, why don’t we want to talk about it openly? Maybe because it is the elephant in the room and maybe because it is easy to see in others but so challenging to see in ourselves.

The great power we have is that in order to change our confused inner world, no one else but us is required. We are our own authority, our own decision maker, our own guru and healer. We have been conditioned to believe the opposite, yet it simply isn’t so.

On this Podcast you will discover brave human beings that have already made that transition and are openly talking about the ego. The conversation is just starting and people are finally listening. Understanding and discernment about this centuries old taboo is slowly happening. Behind the veil of confusion and conflict, these courageous human beings are discovering their own power to create a new reality where self-love breeds a higher level of collaboration, support and harmony.  With love we are helping each other out of the darkness. When we bring the gift of our own self transformation we have the power to change our world and the world.     Together we can demystify the fear programmed ego and bring forth a new awareness powered by love.

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