Half Hour Rap Song

Episode 4

Spiritual Slaw

Brendan Long published on

James and Brendan discuss the real world value of "Spiritual Currency". James tells an incredible story about doing secret Hallucinogens with various celebrities in a secret location. Although he lies about going to North Carolina in order to keep the Ayahuasca site a true secret, Brendan interrupts as usual and wont stop talking about Cole Slaw. Later on in the rap song, Brendan finds extreme dificulty rhyming anything with Ayahuasca. Eventually he results to refferencing a book he read as a child based on the story of Hiyawatha. With the offensively referenced "indian book" serving as the perfect counterpart for the hook, James delivers his best verse yet. The rap game is over, James Kirkland just shut the whole thing down. Enjoy. 

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