Hamfist Motorsports

Episode 4

$50,000 for a racecar and all I got was this plastic trophy

David K. Whitlock published on

Bark M from The Truth About Cars joins us losers on Hamfist Motorsports to talk about racing in AER and David #2’s auto-x debut in Production D Ladies class.  

“Unfortunately his girlfriend didn’t bitch slap him”   “You’ve got to have a few guys who can drive acceptably well… I’m out”   “You don’t black flag Jack Baruth unless you want a fight”   “'How were the climactic conditions?’ 'What’s that even mean? It was fucking freezing, does that help?’”   "Kentucky, teeth are for life!”   "BMW, it’s got that uber old prestige so that when you get behind somebody, they just pull over”   “Fuck you in the eye while your gay dad watches”   Put your erection away, I’ve had 3 jetta’s!”   “It’s the perfect time to learn a track. at night, with shitty Jetta MK2 headlights in a tiki hut”   “They sent us a bill, with which replied to with a hearty ‘Fuck you’”   “You do realize they can’t see who you are pointing to right now, because this is a podcast”   “Have you had these chicken sandwiches, they’re delicious!”   “People are out there racing really hard, for plastic trophies”   "I’m sure Dad is sitting in the stands like, ‘my kid is a fucking idiot’”   “This is where you didn’t think about what you’re talking about”   “You have a good chance of winning a class trophy because there’s 10,000 classes”   "I apologize to all the manhood I’ve offended”   “That will make me very famous on the internet, which is important to me”   "He’s already got a pretty large e-boner so let’s just calm down”   "But he’s rich bitch, he’s a fuckin big-timer”   "I parked next to one in a grocery story parking lot just to take pictures, that’s how gay I am”   "Trackdecals.com, what is that disfigured dick on the back of your car" 

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