Hamfist Motorsports

Episode 1

Excuse me Miss, but these brakes cost more than your tits.

David K. Whitlock published on

"We were at Petit Le Mans and it was fantastic. The prawns served at the end of the race were the highlight..."     "Two in the front, five in the back... IF you know what I mean."     "911 GT3's are the ultimate drift car..."     "If you're a normal person, and work at Game Stop, have a neck beard, and wear cargo shorts... "     "Do they press charges? Not if you bury them!"     "The 911 says 'I'm all about me' while the Chevy Tahoe says 'babe, I work in commercial real estate and I'm ready for a family.'"     "I know for a fact that you prayed to the temple of VTEC"     "It's horrifying if you are one of the great unwashed and you go. But if you are in the Porsche tent, they've got a full open bar, bloody mary's, imported beers.... "     "Lope'in like you're in the drive through of a Dairy Queen listening to Jimmy Buffet's Greatest Hits with the rest of the Corvette owners... "     "Well this was a total failure." 

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  • Jacobi

    Y'all want to complain about turbo lag-I'm going to make y'all drive the 1988 Ford B700 school bus just so you know what real turbo lag is