Hamfist Motorsports

Episode 3

That's preposterous, ridiculous, outrageous!

David K. Whitlock published on

Automated NASCAR and the merits of putting people with IQ’s in the single digits behind steering wheels.   "He beat the Kraut out of him"    "and by big dinner, I mean open bar"    "driving fast is like sex, everyone thinks they are good at it"   "so we were driving to another fuckin state to get contraband fireworks, ‘Merica"    "I don’t think bicyclist should be allowed to use the road, so they get to eat smoke"   "Do you see the guys working at dealerships, how do you clean them?"   "I guess all the hipsters in Austin had nothing better to do this weekend"   "laser, if you’re speeding, let’s you know you’re about to get a ticket"   "Screw it, we’ll fix it when we get there. And we didn’t get there."   "Lot’s of torque and it smells good. Coming soon diesel cologne"   "Sometimes your driver gets down a lap, so you’ve got to cause a caution.. hotdog caution"   

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