Hamfist Motorsports

Episode 2

Twas the night before COTA and all through the studio...

David K. Whitlock published on

... we actually stop Hamfisting for a moment to talk about the upcoming Formula 1 race at Circuit of the Americas.    "You have a lithp fetish"    "Not to be mistaken with that shit track in Indy."    "You can cruise up the Lexus lane anytime..."    "Paddock Club or bust bro."    "And now our special guest, Mark Webber, is here to kick David #2's ass"    "Isn't that I-talian for team?"    "Ferrari Produces 7,000 cars a year, and even better, 40 million pairs of socks"    "They spent 410 million Euro's and they suck that bad!?"    "So what attributed to your lack of success in Formula 1 Adam? The fact that you're from Huntsville Alabama?"    "Is it hood rich to pay more for your car than where you stay?"    "'Doug DeMuro lives in Philly now, so who won on that one?' 'People who don't live in Philly' "    "I live in a funeral home and I drove a Bentley"    "All the pussy comes from his personality, so none!"    "Trapped so far back in the closet with all the garments in front of me"

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