Happiest People On The Planet

This is an introduction to Happest People On The Planet- This Podcast about about finding life's fulfillement Happiness in ancient greek, "Eudaimonia"  the Eu means  "good and demonia means spirit" which gives happiness the meaning" in good spirit" meaning "well fare, living well, frourishing, Thiriving, Personal growth, Acheiving excellence, Self acceptance, Purpose, enveromental mastery, Positive relationships with friends etc. Because true happiness is determined by the function proper to man, our highest goal is to setup a platform for a community of people willing to rise the bar to excellence and total fulfillment while enjoying thier live thier lives to the fullest.      We will explore, with the help of our guests, the experiences, inspiration, and impact that others make on our lives and in turn how we may do the same. A life well lived.                                                                               

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