Happiness Hacking with Patricia Maddalena
Episode 5

A Conversation about Ascension and 5 D Consciousness with special guest Jen McCarty

Patricia Maddalena published on

I’m super excited about this one because I’m joined by my special guest Jen Mccarty. Jen is a leading luminary in the Ascension and Twin Flame community. She teaches and guides, pioneering and leading changemakers within the spiritual community. 

Jen experienced a life-changing kundalini awakening aged 21 in the Himalayas which changed the course of her life forever. 

She specialises in working with the law of attraction or as she calls it the law of attunement. She also holds space in the form of an amazing facebook group that has grown exponentially over the months, she’s dedicated to raising consciousness to the highest of levels, demystifying Ascension and is there ever present to answer any questions about what it is and how one truly ascends from the 3 d reality.


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